Xenia North Updates Completed

Bill Curtice, WA8APB, and John Westerkamp, W8LRJ, went out to the Xenia North tower and completed the work from our last visit. This included installing the new XeniaNorth-to-DARA dish and aiming that dish as well as aiming the dish pointed at MVHS. We were successful all around.

1. The new XeniaNorth-to-DARA dish is getting 76 Mbps and 24 dB on a 20 MHz bandwidth setting.
2. The dish pointed at MVHS is getting about 19.5 Mbps and 23 dB on a 10 MHz bandwidth.
3. The dish pointed at WA8APB is getting about 40 Mbps and 29 dB on a 10 MHz bandwidth. (Update: After switching both nodes to 20 MHz bandwidth, now getting over 80 Mbps and still over 30 dB.)
4. The Omni is still operational.

We tucked all the cabling and attached the splitters to the roof of the box so it is all out of the way leaving lots of room for KF8J to add equipment to the box. See photos below for the final configurations. Note that the lone dish on the left is pointed at DARA, the top dish on the right at WA8APB, and the bottom dish on the right at MVHS. The Omni is behind the two dishes on the right.